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Buff To polish or grind down a floor finish of terrazzo or screeded material. The process is derived from the high speed buffing wheels of a machine
Build To erect, to form or construct.
Build up To close up building, to cover with buildings, to establish gradually.

1) A house builder, usually a skilled tradesman who works on site and does his own estimating and contract negotiations

2) A building company usually a main contractor for large building projects


1) Any structure for whatsoever purpose and of whatsoever material it is constructed and every part thereof whether used as human habitation or not and includes foundation, plinth, walls, floor, roofs, chimneys, plumbing and building services, fixed platforms, verandas, balcony, cornice, or any wall enclosing or intended to enclose any land or space and signs and outdoor display structures, monuments, memorials or any contrivance of permanent nature / stability built under or over ground.

2) Anything built.

Building Block

1) A rectangular masonry unit that is larger than a brick.

2) A block of precast concrete, burnt clay etc

Building Board Rigid sheeting made from materials such as wood, gypsum, fibre-cement, flax or cane fibre or a composite e.g. Chipboard, hardboard and gypsum plasterboard
Building Centre An organisation set up to provide information on building products and building technologies
Building Code A document containing local building bylaws
Building Control Laws and inspection procedures to ensure that buildings are built correctly. It is administered by the local authority
Building Height of The vertical distance measured in the case of flat roofs, from average level of the adjoining street to the highest point of the building to the adjacent to the street, wall, and in the case of pitched roofs, upto the point where the external surface of the outer wall intersects the finished surface of the sloping roof and in case of gables facing the road, the mid point between the eaves level and the ridge. Architectural features serving no other functions except that of decoration shall be excluded for the purpose of taking heights. If the building does not abut, it is on a street, the height shall be measured above the average level of the ground, around and contiguous to the building.
Building Line The line upto, which the plinth of a building adjoining a street or on a future street may law-fully, extend. It includes the lines prescribed in the Delhi Master Plan or specifically indicated in any scheme or layout plan, or in these byelaws.
Building Paper Fibre-reinforced bitumen between layers of kraft paper, laid under concrete to prevent loss of cement into earth and damage from chemicals in the soil. It is also used for many other purposes - to cover the boarding of a wall or a roof
Building Permit Authorization by the local authority to erect a building, essential before site work can start. It is given in reply to an application to build
Building Society Building Society A society that advances money to its members towards providing them with dwelling houses.
Building Surveyor A person trained in the techniques, costs and laws of building construction. He or she advises on alterations, building defects, easements, extensions, renovations and structural surveys
Built up area Land area covered with buildings.
Built-in Fittings recessed into the fabric of a building or a structural element e.g. luminaries in a ceiling or cupboards in a wall are described as built in
Built-up A built-up assembly is one made up of several components, usually glue-fixed, but sometimes screwed, nailed, bolted or welded
Bulk Excavations Groundworks which remove large amounts of materials and reduce the general level down to near formation. They are made with large and efficient excavators that are not suited to digging out the isolated excavations
Bulkhead, turret A roofed box shape built above a roof to cover a water tank, lift shaft, stair well etc
Bull header A special brick with a bullnose end
Bullet-resistant door A steel or aluminum door with wood facings resembling an ordinary door but providing more security
Bullet-resistant glass High grade security glazing, usually laminated glass 20-200 mm thick with many interlayers, or a glass/polycarbonate composite
Bullnose The rounding of an arris, in general any rounded end or edge of a brick, a step, a joiner's plane etc
Bunched Wires Prefabricated electrical wiring made up for trunking
Bund An uninterrupted wall of earth (earth bund), blockwork (bundwall) etc.
Burglar Alarm An intruder alarm system
Buried Services Pipes or cables buried in the ground for drainage, electricity, gas, telecom, water supply etc
Burl The curly, much valued figure got by cutting through the enlarged trunk of certain trees particularly walnut. It is formed by the dark pith centres of many undeveloped buds
Burner The part of a boiler or a gas torch where oil or gas fuel is released, mixed wit air and burnt
Burning off Removing old paint by heating it with a blowlamp until it softens, then scraping it off.
Burnishing Polishing metals for finishing or to hone a cutting edge
Burr A jagged edge left after metal is cut or a fin on concrete from a formwork joint
Burring Reamer A tool that removes burs left by the pipe cutter
Bush Hammer A hand held machine (usually air driven), or a mason's hammer, with rows of raised tooth like pyramids on its face, used for hacking or scabbling the surface of fairly hard materials such as stone or concrete
Butt Hinge The commonest hinge for doors. When the door is shut the two halves are folded tightly together. Each flap is usually morticed, one into the door frame and the other into the hanging stile. The ordinary steel butt is very cheap and durable, but ball-bearing butts are smoother running and noiseless
Butt Joint A joint between two square ended pieces of the same thickness without overlap
Butt Veneer Veneer with the strong curly figure from a tree trunk
Butter coat A soft, wet coat of render for a dry-dash finish
Buttering The spreading of mortar on the ends of bricks to form perpends or on the backs of floor tiles before bedding

1) Supportive wall of brick or stone.

2) A projecting support built to the outside of the wall, any support or prop

Buzz Saw A circular Saw
Byelaw, by-law Laws governing all phases of construction in a particular location
Bypass An arrangement of pipes (for conduits) for directing flow round instead of through the normal pipe
Byzantine Relating to byzantium or Constantinople,

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